Program Book Advertising

Reach your target audience by advertising in the Annual Award Gala's Souvenir Program Book

The Annual Awards Gala program book is a multi-page stapled 6 by 9 inches professionally designed booklet with a color cover. The program book offers an affordable way to reach a variety of audiences within the unique demographic that is represented at the FSMSDC’s Awards Gala.

Full-Page Color $1,400
Full-Page BW $700

6" X 9"

Half-Page Color $750
Half-Page BW $375

6" X 4.5"

Quarter-Page Color $360
Quarter-Page BW $180

3" X 4.5"

Card Size Color $160
Card Size BW $80

3" X 2"

The sizes are exact and must be kept within the same dimensions as noted above. The actual souvenir program book is 6” x 9”.

Ad Submission

Please submit all ads electronically to If you have any questions, please contact the Council at (305) 762-6151.

The ad submission deadline is August 21, 2019.

Ad Placement

The placement of all ads is at the discretion of the FSMSDC and graphic designer creating the souvenir book. Special requests will be accommodated where applicable. Sponsors will have priority placement.

Advertising / art Work Specifications

The FSMSDC’s specifications regarding acceptable advertising criteria have changed to improve the quality and production of all publishing tools. Please read the following very carefully. All images must be saved in a high resolution pdf or jpg format and should include all graphic, screen, and printer fonts. Files may be transmitted on CD or via e-mail to before deadline.

Photo and laser copies are not acceptable quality for reproduction. Ads saved as a Microsoft Word document or in low resolution are not appropriate for reproduction and therefore would not be accepted.